How affordable is a Dodge Ram Windshield Replacement? Details Matter!

By Shawn Longmore •  Updated: 02/24/22 •  11 min read
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Dodge Ram Windshield Replacement

There are five Dodge Ram models on the market today, including pickups, work trucks with unique beds, and vans. Below are the different models of Dodge Rams available.

So what does each Dodge Ram windshield replacement cost? After reading this article, you’ll better know the average price of each piece of glass found on these trucks. Plus, have a better understanding of each type of glass available to help you decide which to have installed.

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Auto Glass Services

We provide more than windshields for your Dodge Ram. We also repair cracks and chips, replace door windows, install side mirrors, and more! Our auto glass services include:

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Glass Types

So which glass is right for your Dodge Ram windshield replacement? There’s not much difference between aftermarket auto glass, OEM, and Dealer. However, avoid installing knockoff auto glass priced super low. Installing this glass can lead to other complications in the future. Let’s take a look at each glass type a little closer.

Recommended Maintenance

How often do you service your Dodge Ram? Keeping a regular maintenance schedule is crucial to keeping your vehicle running well. Here are some of the necessary service items we recommend to keep your truck looking good and prevent costly repairs down the road. Service interval times we provide below might be different than those recommended for your vehicle, which is why we suggest checking your owner manual for exact service intervals.

Driving Performance

Vehicle Appearance

Helpful Products

Most Dodge Ram trucks come with everything you need. However, adding the four items below helps with towing, night visibility, and overall appearance.

  1. Truck Bed Covers: Truck bed covers keep dirt out of the bed while protecting cargo. There are several types available, and each has different features and prices. Check out the article we wrote on Truck Bed Covers to learn more.
  2. Bed Liners: Bed liners protect the floor of your truck bed from scratches and dents. They are made from plastic or rubber and designed to fit your specific Dodge Ram. You can find them at most car dealerships or auto parts stores.
  3. LED Light Bars: Pick up some LED light bars to add style and safety to your vehicle. They are brighter than traditional lights and don’t use much energy. Unfortunately, multiple options are available, making it a little hard to know which is best for your Dodge Ram. Our article on LED Light Bar Types will help you learn more.
  4. Towing Mirrors: Towing mirrors help you see what’s behind and on the side of your truck when pulling a trailer. There are different types available, from clip-on to bolt-on, and some even fold away. Towing mirrors are essential if you do a lot of hauling with your truck. Check out the article we wrote on Towing Mirrors to learn more about the different types available.


  1. What is Safety Glass? Safety glass breaks into small pieces instead of large shards like regular plate window glass found on homes. This type of glass is installed on car doors to prevent sharp pieces of glass from hitting you or your passengers during an accident.
  2. Is the front windshield made with safety glass? Yes, but the front windshield includes a particular layer of protection to help prevent an explosion of glass shards into the passenger cabin during a collision. The front window has two pieces of glass separated by a unique piece of laminated plastic. Check out the article we wrote on Laminated Safety Glass to learn more.
  3. Does a windshield with a rain sensor cost more? No, rain sensors aren’t part of the glass itself. Instead, they are attached to the vehicle and use a transparent section in the top center of the glass to sense moisture and activate the wipers. The only difference between a windshield designed to work with these sensors and one that doesn’t is the transparent section in the top center.
  4. Does a damaged windshield always require a complete windshield replacement? No, there are many instances where an average windshield repair is sufficient. An experienced technician will let you know if they can fix the damage or not. For details on the different types of damage and what types are repairable, visit our Windshield Repair page.
  5. Will it cost more to replace my Dodge Ram windshield with lane sense? Yes, as mentioned earlier in this article, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will cause the price to be higher. In addition, Lane departure systems require additional calibration with special equipment and expertise, which can cost an additional $350 or more.

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