Wind Noise After A Windshield Replacement | 9 Things To Check!

By Shawn L. •  Updated: 08/09/21 •  4 min read
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What Could Cause Wind Noise After a Windshield Replacement?

Hearing wind noise or whistling after getting the windshield replaced can mean something isn’t right. Chances are the auto glass technician installed something incorrectly that caused an air pocket or gap where the glass and the car’s frame join.

Trust me; this whistle sound can drive a person crazy! Several factors could cause these sounds, which I’ve listed below to help you determine what could be causing the wind noise.

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What should you do if you noticed wind noise after windshield replacement?

As mentioned, if the technician improperly completed the installation job, you may hear wind noise. It’s worth contacting a reputable glass company to assess your concerns. Auto Glass Locator can help you do that nationwide.

We can provide an in-depth assessment of the installed windshield and make recommendations for a replacement if necessary. We have a team of experienced repair technicians who know precisely how to replace new windshields without causing issues or imperfections. They can also obtain a glass that meets OEM or dealer requirements for high-end makes and models, so you can feel confident knowing everything was done right!

Let us help you get safely back on the road!

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