How Much Does Collision Repair Cost?

By Shawn Longmore •  Updated: 02/02/22 •  8 min read

Average Collision Repair Cost

The average collision repair cost will vary depending on the vehicle you drive and the extent of the damage. Below are examples and average prices from a local body shop for common fixes performed on a 2018 Honda Accord. Contact your nearest collision repair center for more accurate pricing on your vehicle.

Payment Methods

The cost of repairs on the initial estimate may vary depending on whether you plan to pay cash or file an insurance claim. Repair shops have specific rates and guidelines set by insurance companies to help control the repair price and labor costs, so the amount quoted for insurance jobs may be higher than paying cash.

File Insurance Claim

Filing a claim is okay if the claim amount is more significant than your deductible and you have the right coverage. Otherwise, it’s cheaper to pay out of pocket.

Pay Cash

If you decide to pay cash to fix your car, make sure to get a repair estimate from multiple shops before deciding so you don’t end up overpaying for the work. If you’re unsure how much to expect, ask your insurer what they pay for the same job.

Additional Types of Automotive Damage

Several things can cause damage to a car that is out of our control and make it unsafe to drive. Driving a safe vehicle is essential to prevent possible accidents and keep you safe. However, there are other types of damage outside of car wrecks that affect the safety of your vehicle. Therefore, you should fix the list of items below if they happen.

Cracked Windshields

Cracked Front Windshield

Windshield cracks can occur for many reasons and weaken the structural integrity of the glass. Therefore, it’s important to have windshield damage fixed as soon as it happens. Fixing a small chip in the windshield will restore the structural integrity, stop it from spreading, and prevent the need for a new windshield.

The average cost to fix a windshield chip is between $35 – $50 for a single chip and $10 – $25 for extra chips on the same window. This price may vary depending on the glass shop you hire. In addition, there are ways to have the repair completed at no cost to you. Check out our windshield repair article for more details on this service. If you find the chip in your glass is too large for repair and you need a complete replacement, visit our windshield cost page for more pricing information.

Suspension Damage

Automotive Suspension

The average cost for replacing a suspension component can range from $200 – $500, depending on the type of part needed. Driving with a damaged suspension is dangerous and leads to other costly repairs if not fixed immediately. For example, a damaged suspension system can cause several problems, including:

All of these issues can lead to serious driving hazards. Therefore, it’s best to have them checked immediately after an accident.

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