How Much Does It Cost To Replace or Repair A Sunroof?

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How much does it cost to repair the sunroof?

The information on this page comes from real consumer feedback and is meant to help you make an informed decision about whether to take your vehicle to a repair shop for sunroof services or do it yourself. Prices vary a great deal depending on what is wrong with your sunroof but they are fairly affordable for the most part.

Sunroof repair and replacement are simple but can be expensive if damaged. The average cost of a sunroof repair is between $400 and $800, depending on what pieces need to be corrected. The national average for a new sunroof ranges from $600 to $1,000. Finding the exact cost is difficult because so many different factors affect pricing.  

Sunroof Opening

How to repair a sunroof leak?

Leaking sunroofs are a common problem for many drivers, but there are ways to eliminate the issue if you know what is causing your leak. Here are some simple checks that will help you identify and fix the source of a leak before it damages the interior upholstery.

Typically, start by checking for small cracks in the plastic seams surrounding the sunroof or moonroof. If there are any cracks, they should be sealed with silicone for effective prevention of future leaks.

If the leak seems to come from above your car, check and see if you will need a new header panel or if some cables connected to it broke. Usually, repairing these kinds of problems is more expensive than just replacing the sunroof.

If you notice your leak is coming from a crack in the glass or outer accessories, it’s probably time to get a new roof.

What causes the sunroof to leak?

There are many issues that can cause a leak. Below are 5 of the most common items that cause problems and need to be repaired.

  1. Defective drain assembly or clogged drains – Leaks commonly happen around the drain channels in about 65% of all sunroof problems. A busted drainage system will not only cause leaks but could also cause the need to replace the roof due to water damage at the same time. Be sure your drains are not blocked and are draining properly.
  2. Sunroof seal – This can crack or wear out over time, allowing water to leak through during bad weather or while washing the car.
  3. Corroded support frame – The metal frames and bars that hold up your sunroof can corrode and rust if the paint has been scratched, exposing bare metal. A leak will soon follow if your roof is not holding together. This can also prevent it from sliding correctly. It’s a good idea to check these supports regularly for cracks or corrosion.
  4. Glass failure – Your glass may be cracked internally, which can lead to water leaks.
  5. Broken sunroof defogger – If your defogger button is broken, the metal window striker may not work properly. This will cause a leak through the top seal since it cannot seat correctly into place.
Water On Sunroof

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Where to buy a replacement sunroof

Sunroof Repair Near Me

If you are interested in buying a new sunroof, consider shopping online or contacting Auto Glass Locator to help. If searching for a used part online, you can find literally thousands of hits with “used replacement sunroofs” for sale on sites like eBay or Facebook marketplace. These are great places if you’re looking to save some cash and get a used sunroof or moonroof.

Sunroof Repair

Below are some things to Consider Before Starting A Sunroof Replacement.

What Else Should I Know About Sunroof Repairs?

When you’re looking for a reputable provider, remember that price isn’t always an indicator of quality. Instead, look for providers who:

Hire A Professional!

The most important thing you should know about repairing a sunroof is this: Hiring a professional in your area with expertise in this field is the best way to ensure it’s done right and at a fair price. If you have specific questions or want help finding an affordable auto glass repair shop in your neighborhood, please contact us! We proudly serve customers Nationwide.

Sunroof Repair Technicians

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