What’s a Professional Toyota Corolla Windshield Replacement Cost?

By Shawn Longmore •  Updated: 02/20/22 •  8 min read
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Toyota Corolla Windshield Replacement Cost

Having a damaged windshield or other broken auto glass is never fun, but it can be even more frustrating when you don’t know the cost of replacing your car’s windshield. For example, a Toyota Corolla windshield replacement cost relies on many factors, including where you live, the type of glass installed, heated wiper zones, and lane detection sensors. The more features, the higher the price. So, you can expect the average windshield replacement cost to start around $395 and go up to $1,250 or more, depending on how many features you have.

Auto Glass Types

Which windshield replacement option is best for your Toyota Corolla? The glass type you select will not only affect the price of the glass replacement but also determine its durability. The most common types are Dealer, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Aftermarket, and Generic.

All of the listed glass types match the quality of your original windshield except Generic. Therefore, we recommend avoiding Generic brands and sticking with one of the other three listed to ensure the glass installed meets safety standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards organization (FMVSS).

If you’re concerned about price, stick with an aftermarket windshield or OEM glass. Each meets FMVSS requirements for strength and impact resistance. On the other hand, if you want the best quality glass and aren’t concerned about the costs, go with a dealer-installed windshield.

Auto Glass Services

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Recommended Toyota Corolla Maintenance

Keeping your sleek and sporty new Toyota Corolla running in top condition is a must. If you’re like me and like to push the limits of your car, then it’s crucial to maintain the engine regularly. We’ve put together some recommended maintenance tasks that will help extend its life and prevent additional surprise expenses in the future.

Driving Performance

Vehicle Appearance

Helpful Toyota Corolla Products

A Touch of Toyota Corolla History

Toyota introduced the Corolla in Japan in 1966 as a compact sedan designed to compete with the Nissan Sunny and Mazda 1300. The Corolla came with two engine options: 1.8L inline 4-cylinder and 2.4L V6. The Corolla became popular among young families because of its low price and simple design.

In 1968, the Corolla went on sale in North America. While the Japanese version had a four-door body style, the American model came with a two-door hardtop coupe. This new look made Corolla more appealing to consumers and remained unchanged until 1986 when the second generation debuted.

In 1989, the third generation Corolla arrived, which featured a sleeker exterior and improved interior features. The base trim level included air conditioning, power steering, AM/FM radio, and automatic transmission. At the same time, the top-line GT added leather seats, cruise control, power windows, and power door locks.

Fast forward to the most recent 12th generation Corolla released in 2022, and you’ll find several improvements over the original options found in previous models. Including a redesigned front fascia, rounded body lines, updated headlights, optional LED daytime running lights, and interior options found in most luxury vehicles today. Check out Toyota.com to view the base model features and the latest information on the Corolla.


  1. Does Toyota make and install windshields? Unfortunately, Toyota doesn’t manufacture windshields, but they buy OEM glass from a reputable company and handle the installation.
  2. Does Toyota provide windshield protection? Toyota does offer a protection plan for auto glass repair services. Check with your local Toyota dealer for more details on protection plans offered for auto glass damage.
  3. What’s the difference between an aftermarket glass replacement and a dealer one? Dealer options come from the same distributor that manufactured your car, while an outside factory makes aftermarket glass. Aftermarket isn’t as strong as dealer glass but costs a lot less.
  4. Can I have an aftermarket windshield installed on a leased vehicle? Yes, but if you drive a leased Toyota Corolla, your contract may require something other than aftermarket since the quality is less than the original glass. Check your lease agreement or speak with your leasing company before replacing the glass to avoid additional expenses at the end of the lease.
  5. What’s the difference between tempered glass and laminated glass? Tempered glass is much stronger than laminated glass and is mainly used to replace the pieces of glass found on the sides of a vehicle. On the other hand, laminated glass isn’t as strong as tempered and mainly used for windshields and back windows. 
  6. Is there a difference in price between OEM and Aftermarket? Yes, aftermarket glass is much cheaper than OEM. In most cases, OEM costs up to 40 percent more than aftermarket.

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