Top 5 Ways To Remove Car Paint Scratches

By Shawn L. •  Updated: 06/22/21 •  5 min read
Paint Scratch Removal

Can Paint Scratches Be Easily Removed?

Just like scratches in the windshield, paint scratches are a common problem for car owners. The good news is that a scratch can be removed by a professional detailer, but you can also repair the paint yourself with the right tools and products. In this blog post, we’ll cover the top five ways to remove paint scratches and the best car wax to finish the repair so your vehicle looks new again! A black car’s surface is a bit tougher to work with and may need to be polished by a professional to avoid possibly leaving a new issue. Using the wrong product and incorrect pressure when detailing a black panel can produce visible levels of ultrafine webbing or swirls in the paint.

Best Old School Method for Paint Scratch Removal

One of the best scratch removers is a paste made from baking soda and olive oil. Simply mix these two ingredients together in equal amounts, spread on the scratch, let it sit for about five minutes then rinse with water to remove residue. Repeat this process until gone! This quick and easy process eliminates sanding, the application of compounds or a polisher, and doesn’t typically cause swirls or additional imperfections in the body to remove a scratch.

Apply Auto Sealant for Protection

Consider using a sealant by applying it over your existing paintwork. This will help ensure the finish is protected properly.

Best Car Wax

Wax is the best protection is to avoid scratches in the first place. Carnauba wax or sealant provides a barrier between your car’s panel and potential road hazards like rocks, gravel, sand, and tar! 

There are many car wax products on the market and it can be overwhelming to choose just one. Two of my personal favorites are Turtle Wax and Meguiar’s sealant because they do an excellent job at protecting your paint from future scratches while bringing back that beautiful factory shine! 

Another type of wax is carnauba wax. This is a bit more expensive than the sealant, but it does an excellent job at producing a beautiful shine and protecting it from future scratches. Always use high-quality carnauba waxes! It’s also best to apply this type of wax in the sun as opposed to indoors or in the shade.

Say No To Abrasive Materials!

Always use quality liquid soap with a soft cotton cloth and car wax on your paint job because it’ll help provide the deepest shine and protect your vehicle from future paint scratches. It is also important to never wash the paint off with water and a cloth alone as it can cause noticeable scratches in the paint.

Most people think car paint care is a bit overwhelming, but car guys or ladies will tell you it’s worth it to maintain your ride!

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