Lexus RX350 Windshield Replacement Cost | Price vs Quality

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Lexus RX350 Windshield Cost

Replacing a windshield on a Lexus RX350 can be an expensive endeavor. Depending on where your replacement is installed, the average price can range from $500 to $1,500 or more just for the part itself.

Labor costs can also vary greatly depending on the shop you choose and the job’s complexity. For example, some shops may charge an additional fee for removing and reinstalling any moldings or trim pieces attached to the windshield. In addition, the type of glass used is necessary because some types are more expensive than others. We’ll discuss the different glass types in more detail later in this article.

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Recent Online Price Quotes

Below is a table showing various Lexus RX350 year models and auto glass quotes throughout the United States. The replacement price for your vehicle could be higher or lower than those listed below, depending on the glass type, safety features that require additional time and tools such as recalibrating sensors for cameras involving safety features installed, and the city and state where you live.

2009Back glass-passenger side$197.78Arcadia, CA 91007
2009Windshield with rain sensor$375.45Canton, GA 30114
2013Windshield$539.96Sacramento, CA 95817
2008Windshield with rain sensor$296.78San Jose, CA 95133
2010Back window with heat and privacy tint$657.75Palm Springs, CA 92262
2010Windshield with Acoustic Interlayer$933.45Marion, MA 02738
2016Windshield with rain sensor$483.45Lafayette, LA 70506
2011Windshield with rain sensor$388.24League City, TX 77573
2009Windshield with rain sensor$222.25Knoxville, TN 37931
2015Driver rear door glass$295.68Afton, TX 79220
2008Windshield with rain sensor$281.22Blacklick, OH 43004
2007Windshield with rain sensor$210.13Omaha, NE 68116
2011Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area$387.78Arlington Heights, IL 60004
2007Windshield$325.65Jonesboro, LA 71251
2009Windshield$396.56Oceanside, CA 92056
2010Windshield with rain sensor$500.15Menifee, CA 92584
2007Windshield with rain sensor$347.35Glendale, CA 91208
2011Windshield with rain sensor$388.89Chicago, IL 60661
2015Windshield$369.99Columbus, OH 43205
2010Passenger rear door glass$283.54San Diego, CA 92126
2007Windshield with rain sensor$348.65Forest Park, IL 60130
2010Windshield with rain sensor$386.14Diamond Bar, CA 91765
2010Windshield with rain sensor$388.98Palatka, FL 32177
2011Windshield repair$291.35Modesto, CA 95350
2010Windshield$328.95League City, TX 77573
2021Windshield with heated wiper park and heads-up display$1,388.10Parker, CO 80134

Services Offered

WindshieldsVent Glass
Rear WindowsRock Chip Repair
Door GlassSunroof Window
Quarter GlassRegulator Repair

Glass Options

Replacing a Lexus RX350 windshield can be expensive, but there are ways to save money. There are two main options to consider when considering glass types to install, OEM and Aftermarket. Each of these options has its pros and cons.

Recommended Automotive Services

Owning a Lexus RX350 is an investment that requires a regular maintenance schedule to keep it in good condition, extend its life, improve performance and maintain its value. We’ve compiled a list of maintenance items below to help ensure the life of your Lexus.

Oil Change – An oil change is an integral part of regular vehicle maintenance and should be done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for standard oil and 6,000 to 8,000 miles for synthetic oil to help extend the life of your engine. The cost of oil changes for a Lexus RX350 is generally between $50 and $100, depending on the oil used.

Tire Rotation – Regular tire rotations help ensure even wear and tear on your tires, which can help extend their life. This service also helps improve the overall performance of your vehicle by providing better traction and handling. You should rotate the tires every 3,00 to 5,000 miles. In most cases, scheduling this service when you have the oil changed will ensure you meet the recommended interval.

Brake Service – Regular brake service is essential for your and your passengers’ safety. You should check the brake pads every 30,000-50,000 miles, depending on your driving habits. Letting the brake pads wear down too much can cause damage to the rotors and require more expensive repairs.

Tune-Up – A tune-up is a comprehensive service that includes checking and replacing spark plugs, wires, filters, fluids, and other components. Most automotive manufacturers recommend having a tune-up every 30,000 miles.

A Little Lexus RX350 History

The Lexus RX350 first debuted in 1999 when the luxury brand Toyota unveiled the SUV at the North American International Auto Show. The vehicle was an immediate success and became one of the top-selling vehicles in America. Over the years, the Lexus RX350 has undergone several design changes, technological advances, and extra safety equipment, making it a reliable and comfortable vehicle.

The RX350 has had five generational changes that involved new features and appearance modifications. For details on the added features and design changes for each generation listed below, check out the Lexus article on CarBuzz.

Key Takeaways

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