Do You Know the 7 Signs Of A Bad Windshield Replacement?

By Shawn Longmore •  Updated: 07/01/21 •  5 min read
Signs Of A Bad Windshield Replacement

A Bad Windshield Replacement Is A Safety Hazard

Watching for signs of a bad windshield replacement can save additional expenses in the near future. So, you researched a lot of different auto glass service providers, hired a professional installer, and installed your new windshield. How do you know if the job was done correctly? There are a lot of windshields not being installed correctly every day by what is known in the industry as slingers or hacks. These shady glass repair technicians are generally easy to spot since they typically don’t display a company name on their trucks. Note: An incorrectly installed windshield is a safety hazard so it is important to watch for signs of a bad windshield replacement during and after the windshield has been replaced on your vehicle.

How The AGRSS and NGA Help Protect You?

Be very cautious when selecting a shop to handle your auto glass needs for your safety. The auto glass industry is not regulated by any federal laws so it is a good idea to locate an experienced glass technician that is not only certified but adheres to the guidelines put in place by the AGRSS. The AGRSS (Auto Glass Safety Council) was created with consumer safety in mind and auto glass shops that are a part of the organization will be well educated on product performance and installation procedures.

Similar to the AGRSS is the NGA (National Glass Association). They have two levels of certifications. The “Certified Auto Glass Technician” (CAGT) requires at least 6 months experience in auto glass replacement and the “Certified Master Auto Glass Technician” (CMAGT) which requires 3 years experience as an auto glass technician.

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