Nissan Pathfinder Windshield Replacement Cost | Is it Cheap or Overpriced?

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Nissan Pathfinder Windshield Replacement

A Nissan Pathfinder windshield replacement costs between $319 and $1,105, including labor. In addition, the price of a windshield replacement will depend on the model year of your Pathfinder.

Additionally, some newer models come equipped with sensors that control lane position and braking; if your Nissan Pathfinder has safety features like this, then calibration may be required after installation and could potentially raise the cost of windshield replacement. Buying either an aftermarket or OEM glass may also influence the price.

Recent Online Glass Quotes

Below is a table showing various Nissan Pathfinder year models and choices for auto glass prices quoted throughout the United States. The average cost for windshield replacement could be higher or lower than those listed below, depending on your location, the features of your Pathfinder, and the glass type requested.

2014Windshield$423.53Hernando, MS 38632
2019Windshield$428.35San Antonio, TX 78227
2001Windshield$382.36Webb City, MO 64870
2018Back glass-non heated-bronze tint-no defrost$533.62Alton, IL 62002
1990Auto Glass Repair$75.00Junction City, OR 97448
2019Windshield$459.73Hernando, MS 38632
2006Windshield$346.23Junction City, OR 97448
2018Windshield$574.72Los Angeles, CA 90004
2022Front Passenger Door$329.64Milpitas, CA 95035
2006Windshield repair$78.00Arvada, CO 80003
2014Front Driver Door$303.73Baltimore, MD 21239
1996Windshield$355.32Longview, WA 98632
2014Windshield$423.53Hernando, MS 38632
2013Windshield$534.14Hamilton, TX 76531
2019Windshield$459.73Hernando, MS 38632
2019Windshield$553.16Las Vegas, NV 89106
2016Windshield with rain sensor and solar-coated top visor$398.61Denver, CO 80228
2018Windshield$410.62Kingwood, TX 77345
2015Windshield$303.71Puyallup, WA 98372
2015Windshield$419.25Fresno, CA 93722
2001Windshield$382.36Webb City, MO 64870
2013Windshield$415.83Urbandale, IA 50322
2015Windshield$274.94San Angelo, TX 76905
2014Driver front door glass-laminated$303.73Baltimore, MD 21239
1997Windshield$331.62California, MD 20619
2023Passenger Side Quarter Glass Replacement$986.52Dallas, TX 75219

Services Offered

WindshieldsVent Glass
Rear WindowsRock Chip Repair
Door GlassSunroof Window
Quarter GlassRegulator Repair

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Type of Glass Used

Regarding windshields, the decision process ultimately depends on your budget and how you prioritize safety. Dealer glass is the most expensive but has the automotive maker’s logo, distinguishing it from OEM and aftermarket windshields. OEM and Dealer are also more resistant to rock chips. However, all three options meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

For those seeking substantial cost savings, aftermarket windshields can be a viable option for the Nissan Pathfinder. Aftermarket glass will fit the same shape as the original windshield at a fraction of the price. Although aftermarket windshields may not have all of the features of OEM or dealer glass, they still meet FMVSS standards and provide comparable quality at a reduced cost.

Dealer glass provides visual distinction with logos from auto manufacturers and increased durability against rock chips, but with an incomparable financial commitment compared to other options. It’s important to remember that all three types of glass must always meet FMVSS safety requirements, even if other qualities vary in price and appearance. Ultimately when making your decision regarding which type of replacement glass is best for your Nissan Pathfinder – OEM, Aftermarket, or Dealer – weigh off your available budget with quality priorities to make a well-informed selection that works best for you.

Recommended Automotive Services

Regular auto maintenance is essential to keep your Nissan Pathfinder running well and avoid potentially costly breakdowns. It only makes sense to follow the guideline below to ensure your Nissan remains in top condition.

The top 5 automotive maintenance services recommended for owners of the Nissan Pathfinder are:

  1. Oil Changes: Oil changes are an essential service for a Nissan Pathfinder to ensure longevity and safety on the road. Regular oil changes maintain lubrication, reduce wear and tear, improve combustion efficiency, and keep engine parts clean. The frequency of oil changes varies depending on the oil used in the engine (standard or synthetic). Standard oil should be changed every 4,000 miles, while synthetic oils can go 6,000 miles between changes.
  2. Tire Rotations: Tire rotations are also important for safety when driving a Nissan Pathfinder. Tires should be swapped front-to-back and moved side-to-side every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Doing so helps maintain tire pressure distribution, evens out tire tread wear across all four tires, and extends their lifespan. Aligning tires should also be done as part of a standard service to ensure that your Pathfinder’s wheels are pointed straight ahead for optimal safety.
  3. Tune-Ups: A tune-up is a great way to monitor the condition of various components and areas within an engine, like spark plugs and hoses, and general diagnostics, like fuel/air mixture settings. These services should be done every 10,000-12,000 miles on a Nissan Pathfinder and typically come with a moderate fee of $400-$500 per tune-up visit depending on the automotive service center you choose.
  4. Brake Pad Replacement: Brake specialists recommend inspecting the brake pads every 10,000 miles and replacing them if needed since they are crucial parts for safe driving, with an estimated cost of around $125-$150 per axle on average, according to third-party vendors.
  5. Replace Wiper Blades: It is essential to regularly check your wiper blades for signs of damage, such as cracks. This should be done at least every six months or when you notice poor performance from your blades. Cracks in the blade can cause windshield wipers to perform poorly and even scratch the windshield if not replaced. The cost of replacing wiper blades on a Nissan Pathfinder can vary, but with regular maintenance and quality replacement materials, the average cost should be around $40 per blade.

When checking your wipers, remember to turn off any power running through them before inspecting them. If any damage is found (such as chips or especially cracks), then it’s time to purchase a brand new set at an auto parts store or shop online for brands like PIAA, Bosch, Michelin, or Rain X. Inspecting and replacing your wiper blades regularly will improve your visibility immensely during those long drives!

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