What’s The Mitsubishi Outlander Windshield Replacement Cost?

By Shawn Longmore •  Updated: 02/22/23 •  10 min read
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Mitsubishi Outlander Windshield Replacement

Replacing the windshield of a Mitsubishi Outlander can cost between $345 and $1,235, depending on the year model, glass type, and additional safety features installed. Newer Outlanders have a Safety Shield system that includes lane-position sensors and cameras for advanced braking systems that need calibration after the replacement is complete, which causes the price to be higher. Check out our article on auto glass cost factors to learn more about what controls the different prices.

Recent Online Price Quotes

Below is a table showing various Mitsubishi Outlander year models and auto glass prices quoted throughout the United States. The estimated price could be higher or lower than those listed below, depending on your location, Outlander’s advanced safety features, and the requested glass type.

2022Windshield with Acoustic Interlayer Rain/Light Sensor Heated Adaptive Cruise Control Lane Keep Assist Forward Collison Alert$908.45Broken Arrow, OK 74012
2018Windshield$365.67De Soto, MO 63020
2018Driver rear door glass$351.48Columbus, MS 39702
2017Windshield$364.75Hampton, VA 23666
2019Back glass$453.48Mays Landing, NJ 08330
2022Heated Windshield with Acoustic Interlayer and Adaptive Cruise Control$937.14Lakeland, FL 33815
2003Windshield$383.22Norwalk, CA 90650
2017Windshield$366.18Bronx, NY 10469
2022Windshield with Lane Keep Assist and Forward Collison Alert$949.57Hampton, VA 23666
2008Windshield$375.78Redding, CA 96002
2018Windshield with rain sensor$409.58Palo Alto, CA 94301
2018Windshield$529.45Charleston, SC 29414
2017Windshield$683.87Exton, PA 19341
2018Back glass-heated-with defrost-clear$863.17North Chelmsford, MA 01863
2005Windshield$336.18Charlotte, NC 28202
2022Windshield$986.18Fajardo, PR 00738
2019Windshield$437.67Manitowoc, WI 54220
2017Windshield$938.15Knoxville, TN 37923
2019Windshield$927.57Albuquerque, NM 87107
2022Windshield$939.48Palmdale, CA 93550
2019Windshield$911.05Memphis, TN 38135
2011Windshield$472.18Bronx, NY 10456
2019Windshield$632.84Fayetteville, NC 28314
2008Windshield$404.18Reno, NV 89501
2020Windshield$948.64Eagle, ID 83616

Auto Glass Services Offered

WindshieldsVent Glass
Rear WindowsRock Chip Repair
Door GlassSunroof Window
Quarter GlassRegulator Repair

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Glass Options

Is OEM, Aftermarket, or Dealer glass best? For many drivers, the cost of Dealer glass can be a significant barrier when getting a replacement since they’re usually the most expensive. For this reason, getting quotes for OEM and Aftermarket is a good idea if you’re looking for better prices.

The only major difference between an OEM or Aftermarket version and a Dealer version is the logo; the automotive maker’s logo is only visible with a Dealer version. But all three glass types must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to be installed on vehicles in the United States.

Buying an aftermarket glass will save you money compared to buying from a dealer. However, you may get slightly less performance from aftermarket glass in terms of resistance against rock chips, while OEM and Dealer versions come with higher protection standards.

Consider your options for vehicles like the Mitsubishi Outlander when replacing damaged or cracked glass. Fortunately, you now have access to replacements that match your budget and safety requirements without the premium cost of getting an authentic dealership part.

Recommended Automotive Services

Regular automotive maintenance is essential in keeping the Outlander running safely and efficiently. Without these regular checkups, serious mechanical problems can occur. Mitsubishi mechanics recommend following the services listed below to avoid expensive repairs.

  1. Oil Changes: Regular oil changes are critical in keeping your Mitsubishi Outlander running efficiently and reliably. Mitsubishi recommends using synthetic oil and changing it every 7,500 miles. Neglecting these timespans can cause serious damage to the motor parts, such as clogged filters, and even make the engine seize up. Additionally, not abiding by this schedule will eventually lead to decreased fuel efficiency.
  2. Tire Rotations: Regular tire rotations are essential for any Mitsubishi Outlander, as they can significantly extend the life of your tires. Mitsubishi recommends rotating them every 7,500 miles to keep the wear pattern even and maintain optimal traction and fuel economy. Not rotating your tires can lead to uneven wear, decreased performance, and worse gas mileage – so regular rotation should be a top priority in vehicle maintenance!
  3. Tune-Ups: Scheduling tune-ups regularly helps maintain the health of your vehicle’s components and keeps everything functioning as intended. For a Mitsubishi Outlander specifically, it’s advised to schedule tune-ups every 15,000 to 25,000 miles with an estimated price tag ranging from $250 to $500 depending on what parts may need replacing during the tune-up process.
  4. Brake Pad Replacement: The brake system is one of the most important components of any car for safe driving experiences. On a Mitsubishi Outlander, brake pads should be checked every 7,500 miles, with an estimated pad replacement cost typically ranging from $200 – $350, depending on the type of pads chosen.
  5. Replace Wiper Blades: Keeping your window clear while driving is key to staying safe. In bad weather, wiper blades are essential. Over time, high wear and tear can cause these blades to harden and crack, reducing their performance. To keep your visibility sharp, it’s recommended that Mitsubishi Outlander owners replace their wiper blades every six months at an average cost of $15 – 25 per blade.

Key Takeaways

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Auto Glass Locator is the best choice for Mitsubishi Outlander auto glass replacement services. Our experienced technicians provide exceptional customer service, use only high-quality materials, adhere to strict safety standards, and offer competitive pricing to get the best value for your money. We ensure that your windshield replacement is done quickly and correctly, allowing you to drive safely on the road again.

You can be assured of superior workmanship and customer service when choosing Auto Glass Locator for your Mitsubishi Outlander’s auto glass replacement. Don’t delay any longer – contact us now to make an appointment!

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Brad B. - No one was more surprised than me when I received excellent service on my Honda Accord's window replacement.

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Raymond G. - I had the front 2 windows replaced on my 2004 Toyota Tacoma by these folks. Absolutely no issues. It feels like I'm driving a brand new car!

Greg S. - Great dude with a sense of humor. It was like hearing a comedy show while he fixed the windshield!

John J. - Thanks for the quick and affordable service on my Honda Accord. The glass guy made the small crack in my windshield completely disappear! Thanks again!!

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